The Venoge Festival is 100% and only Cashless

All purchases are made with the Cashless bracelet

Create your account BEFORE the festival

To connect to your Cashless account, use the Venoge Festival APP

So you don’t have to log in every time:

We recommend that you use the Venoge Festival APP to manage your cashless account


Refunds are processed on the Tuesday following your request, and it may take 1 to 3 business days for the refund to appear on your account, unless the credit card used is a deferred debit card, in which case the credit is also deferred to the end of the month.


If you have changed your credit card since your purchase (cancellation, opposition, etc.), you must contact your bank to inform them that a credit has been made to your old card so that they can credit the new one.

The bottom line…

A bracelet for everyone

You will <b>automatically</b> receive a cashless bracelet when you enter the festival. It is linked to your ticket number.

Wallet and access

In addition to paying for your drinks, the bracelet allows you to move between the festival area and the free zone.

Account loading

The cashless account is loaded with <b>TWINT</b> and/or a <b>credit/debit card</b>

Activation fee

The activation fee is 1 CHF <b>BEFORE August 17, 2022</b> and 3 CHF after.

Repayment of the balance

Refunding the balance is a <b>simple click</b> from your cashless account until September 4, 2022.

Where can I find the code on my ticket?

When you register, you must indicate the number (bar code or QR code) of the ticket


The code is located above the Code Bar


The code is located along the Code Bar


It is necessary to enter the COD

In detail…


I log in above or on the festival app and create my account by entering my ticket number.


    1. I create my account and fill in my personal information
    2. I choose the amount to be credited and pay by credit/debit card or TWINT
    3. My load history is available on my account
    4. It is possible to associate several wristbands to the same cashless account


→ Your Cashless account is not associated with your bank account, any transaction is done at your request and with your agreement.



  • My Cashless bracelet will be given to me and credited at the entrance of the festival with my ticket number.
  • If I have not pre-loaded, I can create an account on the spot via the APP, the website or at the Mori$ Banks
  • On site, the activation of your cashless account is charged at 3 CHF 



  • Sur tous les stands du festival (restauration, bars, merchandising, etc), je paie uniquement grâce à mon bracelet Cashless. I present it to the volunteer and in a few seconds, my order is settled: “Poser, c’est payer”!
  • I can check my available credit before ordering.
  • I can check my transaction history on my online account on the festival APP or on the website venogefestival.ch/cashless.
  • If I don’t have enough credit at the time of payment, another Cashless account can complete the transaction.



  • I reload my account online by logging in on the APP or on this page
  • *I go to one of the Mori$ banks at the festival to top up my cashless account with cash or credit/debit card.


If I haven’t used up all my credit during the festival and I have created a cashless account I click on the refund button.

The refund request must be made no later than Sunday, September 4, 2022.

Les versements sont effectués une fois par semaine (le mardi soir), ils peuvent mettre entre 1 à 3 jours pour arriver sur votre compte.

In case of problem, you can send a message to info-cashless@venogefestival.ch

To know still that…

Some more information

  • If you come in a group, you can credit only one Cashless bracelet.
  • In order to pre-load your cashless account, recharge it online, block your bracelet in case of loss and be reimbursed for the balance after the festival, the creation of an online cashless account and the filling in of your personal information are mandatory.
  • Remember to keep your Cashless bracelet after the festival! Each one has a unique number that is required to be filled out in the event of a reimbursement problem.
  • If you don’t want to create an account or fill in your personal information, the cashless system still works. However, you will only be able to get a wristband and reload it at the festival banks. Refunding your balance and blocking the cashless wristband in case of loss will not be possible, these functions are only available if you have created an online cashless account.

Help & information

In case of questions or difficulties, a cashless info point will be available on site.
If you would like more information, or if you have any problems with your cashless account, please contact us at


How does it work?

My Cashless bracelet communicates with the payment terminal thanks to an NFC chip.