Smiles, artists and you…

The aftermovie of the festival has arrived, settle down in your sofa 🙂




✨ 43’000 THANKS ✨

Thank you to all the festival-goers for having been so numerous during this new edition of the Venoge festival, thank you for your smiles, for your shouts and your good mood, thank you for your crazy costumes, thank you for having faced the rain, the mud and the heat, thank you for having sung and danced in front of our three stages during five days, thank you for having made the festival even more beautiful 🦄
❤️ Thanks to all the volunteers
💜 Thanks to all sponsors and partners
💙 Merci à tous les artistes
💚 Merci à la commune de Penthaz
💛 Et merci à tous les autres
On n’est pas prêt d’oublier cette semaine ! 🌈
Thank you also for all your feedback, we will work hard to present an even better Venoge Festival 2023 💪
See you next year 🤩