Frequently Asked Questions

Tickets (5)

The official partner for the purchase of tickets is Ticketcorner. You can buy your tickets either from the Venoge Festival website, under the Tickets tab, or on the website: www.ticketcorner.ch
Once your payment has been made, you will receive an email from Ticketcorner and your tickets must be brought by you.
Tickets are also on sale at Ticketcorner outlets


Alltickets – Viagogo – Stubhub-ch.ch – Safetickets.net – Onlineticketsshop – Worldticketshop – Vienna – Ticketoffice – Ticketbande
the Venoge Festival has no partnership with these sellers


we also strongly advise against buying your tickets:
  • To the street vendors in front of the place of the demonstration
  • Against voucher or collection/delivery voucher.


Tickets can be purchased the same day on site, with an increase of CHF 10.-
(as long as the evening is not announced “soldout” and within the limit of stocks still available)

A ticket must be taken for children from 4 years old. You may be asked for your child’s ID at the entrance.
Each minor must be placed under the responsibility of an adult. The security service distributes bracelets on which are noted the telephone number of the person to contact in the event of a problem.
The presence of young children is not recommended in a musical environment, even if the child is wearing a hearing protection helmet. The wearing of the latter is strongly recommended and we do not encourage the arrival of children under 2 years old. Pamirs, suitable for children from 2 years old, are on sale on the site.

From 0 to 3 years old: FREE

From 4 to 11 years old: KIDS ticket

From 12 to 17 years old: Teen ticket

From 18 years old: ADULT ticket

You need to be able to display the barcode or QR code of the ticket, either on the phone or on a printed ticket.

Tickets cannot be taken back, refunded or exchanged. All the artists announced have confirmed their participation in the festival. Cancellations or program changes are however still possible. They cannot under any circumstances give the right to a refund or a ticket exchange. The event takes place in all weathers, except if the weather can endanger festival-goers or artists.

  • The VIP area has its own bar, a dining area with a small menu, private WCs, a relaxation area, seating and entertainment. The ticket includes easy access to the festival via the VIP entrance, access to the VIP area, access to the panoramic stands offering a privileged view of the main stage. The VIP area is partially covered.
  • The VIP ticket does not give access to the partner boxes located opposite the main stage. The small menu in the catering area is offered exclusively to customers with a VIP ticket.
  • VIP ticket holders can access the entire festival site.
  • The VIP ticket does not grant any parking privileges, i.e. you will have to park your vehicle in the official car parks available on the outskirts of the village.
  • The price of the VIP ticket is unique and valid for both children and adults.

handicaps (4)

The festival has a reserved and elevated area, access, as well as adapted toilets.
People with reduced mobility or disabilities can enjoy the Venoge Festival. These latter, as well as the person(s) accompanying them, must have an admission ticket.
Access to the elevated platform is accessible with a maximum of one (1) companion
Disabled parking spaces are available near the main entrance of the festival.

Only those in possession of an official Service des Automobiles et de la Navigation (SAN) badge will be allowed access to the disabled parking area adjacent to the festival. To do this, an email containing your plate number and car model must be sent at the latest the day before the day you will be present to: infosecu@venogefestival.ch

People who do not have an official badge can be dropped off at the dedicated stop. The drop-off must be done on the principle of “stop & go” in order not to hinder the traffic of other users. Accompanying persons must then park their vehicles in the official parking lots in the periphery of the festival

Yes, parking for the disabled is available near the main entrance of the festival. However, only those in possession of an official SAN badge will be allowed access to the disabled parking area adjacent to the festival. To do this, an email containing your plate number and car model must be sent at the latest the day before the day you will be present to: infosecu@venogefestival.ch
People who do not have an official badge can be dropped off at the bus stop located 100m from the festival on the route de Lausanne. The drop-off must be done on the “stop & go” principle in order not to hinder the bus traffic. The accompanying persons will then have to park their vehicles on the official parking lots at the periphery of the village.

Yes, the person with reduced mobility and his or her companion must each have an admission ticket at the normal rate. People with disabilities do not benefit from a reduced rate.

People with disabilities who would like to be accompanied by the Red Chair throughout the evening can contact the Vaud Red Cross(021 340 00 99 or benevolat@croixrougevaudoise.ch), which will put them in touch with a volunteer depending on availability. This service is offered and available only upon registration, at least 2 weeks before the event.

The Red Chair – Red Cross of Vaud

Security (3)

For security reasons, it is forbidden to take with you :

  • folding chairs and/or other camping equipment
  • sprays
  • liquids and their glass containers
  • Plastic containers, water bottles, Camel bags are allowed but must be empty. All other containers will be checked and refused if they contain alcohol
  • foodstuffs
  • the animals
  • Umbrellas (for visibility, not safety)
  • metal bars/rods
  • lasers
  • uncontrolled bags
  • drones and other professional cameras, except for those who have obtained a specific accreditation
  • weapons, sharp objects or objects considered dangerous
  • illegal substances
  • pyrotechnic or inflammable devices are prohibited and will be confiscated
(1 chf per removal)

The security service collects lost and found items at the information booth located at the entrance. It is possible to register within 3 months by email at infosecu@venogefestival.ch.

The site is under video surveillance, the images taken may be used for security measures.

Images of the concerts and the audience are captured and used for entertainment purposes.

Various questions (6)

Chemin des Publes, 1303 Penthaz

Google Maps


All the information about the access to the festival here: https://venogefestival.ch/infos/acces/

There is no camping area set up by the festival.

Campers are tolerated in the public parking lot (in the fields) but must not spread out (terrace, high wind, etc.). No equipment is provided. Caravans are not allowed in the festival parking lots.

There is a communal camping in Penthalaz at  2km from the festival: piscine-penthalaz.ch/le-camping

Other accommodation offers have been listed on this page: www.venogefestival.ch/hebergements

No, the festival does not offer daycare.

Yes, Euros are accepted with an exchange rate of 1:1. Only tickets are accepted.

The festival is 100% Cashless, all information on this page: www.venogefestival.ch/cashless

No, you may not take your own food or drink.

Hearing protection helmets for children can be purchased at the info booth in front of the festival entrance.

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