La Venoge Swiss Talent and a free area

New: a free area with the Swiss scene!

The Venoge Swiss Talent stage will welcome from Wednesday to Saturday 20 artists coming mainly from French-speaking Switzerland . And new this year, it will be in a free zone with a Food Truck and an arbor run by local companies.

Festival-goers with a ticket will be able to move freely between the free area and the festival grounds.


OFF program, Venoge Swiss Talent stage:

Wednesday 17.08

Dylem, Down to the Bunker, The Black Shoe’s Button, High 5


WTFunk, Helmy More Funker’s Band, Acoustic Trip

Friday 19.08

Etienne Machine (live), Mavro (live), Philip Morax, Djerem, Assym, Miss Tyk, TicTacTec

Saturday 20.08

Baron.e, Joya Marleen, Sophie De Quay, Shana Pearson, Kay Jam

The IN program with notably IGGY POP , LIMP BIZKIT , DON DIABLO , CALOGERO , VITAA & SLIMANE is available here